A Beautiful Day Poem

Here is the “A Beautiful Day Poem”

A Beautiful Day Poem

I walked to the cliff top to watch the sunset,
thinking of you and the time that we met,
I watched as the sun drifted down from the sky
a reminding reflection of light in your eyes

A myriad birds flocked from over the hill
returning to roost as the world stood still
their fawning and waving high up in the air
brought memories to me how you unfurl your hair

The sea seemed to amble as if in a trance
when reaching the rocks leaping into a dance
its light sparking rainbows in fine misty haze
a lasting encounter of how we embrace

The sun kissed the horizon like I kiss your lips
it was saying goodnight with its light fingertips
caressing the ocean and stretching my way
a beautiful end to a beautiful day.

-by Charles M Moore

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A Beautiful Day Poem

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