A Cry For Help

A Cry For Help Poem By Samar Alkhudairi!

According to the Author,

This is an acrostic poem spelling out the phrase “BULLYING.” I am 12 years old, and the truth that I used to be bullied is virtually a signal that I have brilliant empathy for those who nonetheless continuously deal with such the war maintaining their heads excessive and telling themselves, “It’s simple words,” or “I’ll get over it.” Bullying takes a massive toll on you when you are dealing with it constantly. “A Cry For Help” is virtually from the coronary heart and everybody must know.

A Cry For Help

B-Brutal beatings beyond the feeling of pain
U-Understanding this hurt might get me closer to being sane
L-Love is a myth
L-Life has become like a work of Stephen King
Y-You don’t know what it’s like
I-I am treated like just some “thing”
N-Never to be kissed, comforted, or loved
G-Going the rest of my life never to be hugged

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A Cry For Help

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