A Drinking Song

A Drinking Song By George Etherege! Sir George Etherege used to be an English dramatist who lived at some point in the 1600s. The college he attended, Lord William’s School, used to be later named after him. Although he skilled a lot of success with literature, he misplaced an awful lot of that fortune to gambling. Like many poets, Etherege wrote consuming music to exhibit a nighttime of enjoyment amongst pals and strangers.

A Drinking Song

The pleasures of Love and the joys of good Wine,
To perfect our happiness, wisely we join!

We, to Beauty, all day.

Give the sovereign sway;
And her favourite Nymphs devoutly obey!
At the Plays, we are constantly making our Court;
And when they are ended, we follow the sport

To the Mall, and the Park;

Where we love till ’tis dark!

Then, sparkling Champagne

Puts an end to their reign.

It quickly recovers

Poor languishing Lovers!
Makes us frolic and gay; and drowns all our sorrow!
But, alas! we relapse again on the morrow!

Let every man stand

With his Glass in his hand;
And briskly discharge, at the word of command!

Here’s a Health to all those,

Whom, to-night, we depose!
Wine and Beauty, by turns, great souls should inspire!
Present all together! and now, boys, give fire!

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A Drinking Song

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