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A Merchant and His Donkey Moral Story

A Merchant and His Donkey Moral Story

A Merchant and his Donkey Short Story!

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A Merchant and his Donkey

One stunning spring morning, a service provider loaded his donkey with the baggage of salt to go to the market, in order to promote the salt. The service provider and his donkey have been walking along together. They had not walked ways when they reached a river on the way.

Unfortunately, the donkey slipped and fell into the river. As it scrambled up the bank of the river, it is seen that the luggage of salt loaded on his lower back had ended up lighter.

There used to be nothing the service provider may want to do besides return home, where he loaded his donkey with more baggage of salt. As they reached the slippery riverbank again, the donkey fell into the river, this time deliberately. Thus the salt was once wasted again.

By now the merchant knew the donkey’s trick. He desired to educate the animal a lesson. As he again homes the 2d time with the donkey, the service provider loaded baggage of sponges on its back.

The duo set out on their trip to the market a third time. On achieving the river, the donkey very cleverly fell into the water again. But now, as an alternative to the load becoming lighter, it grew to become heavier.

The merchant laughed at the donkey and said, “You silly donkey, your trick has been discovered. You ought to know that you cannot idiot everybody too many times.”

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