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Abhay Kumar

Abhay Kumar Poems Collections

Meet Mr Abhay Kumar or Abhay K. Poet! Abhay Kumar Poems…

Abhay Kumar is an Indian well-known poet as well as the author of 10 poetry books. He is additionally the editor of CAPITALS – an anthology of poems on 185 capital cities of the world (Bloomsbury). He acquired the SAARC Literary Award in 2013. His poems have seemed in The Stony Thursday Book 2015, An Gael, and The Long Exposure Magazine amongst others. His latest series of poems The Seduction of Delhi (Bloomsbury India) is a poetry bestseller.


He was invited to record his poems at the Library of Congress in Washington DC in Sept 2018 in the Poet and the Poem series.

Here are the best collections of Abhay Kumar’s Poems

“Moon and Venus” Abhay Kumar Poems

Venus shines brightly

dueting with the Moon

like two celestial lovers

playing hide and seek

Moon wants to give a surprise

changing its shape and size

Venus responds lovingly

shining even more bright

they disappear

one after another

to spend the night together

making love to each other

and reappear shyly at dawn

just before the sunrise.

“Rabat” Abhay Kumar Poem

Rabat sings its song
bouregreg bouregreg bouregreg

along the river bank
bouregreg bouregreg bouregreg

Moriscos drip as tears from Europe’s eyes
into the Kasbah of the Udayas

once again Barbary pirates rise
in distant coastal lands a soul cries

storks build nests over the ruins
of Phoenician, Roman sovereigns

the mating pairs clack their bills
and women feed eggs to the eels

Rabat sings its song
bouregreg bouregreg bouregreg

along the river bank
bouregreg bouregreg bouregreg.

“Maids” Abhay Kumar Poems

Toiling day and night
for a paltry sum
imagine a day without us
yet we remain invisible silhouettes
in Delhi’s paradoxical world.

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“A Flower Girl”

Bare to the bone
in tattered garb
with the freshness of adolescence
on my face
I stand amidst the traffic
bouquets of roses in my tender hands
red, yellow, pink and white
picked up from the graveyard nearby,
waving, begging, hoping
someone would buy my flowers,
oh! a cab driver beckons me
bargains, I plead
take my flowers
he pulls me nearer
I jerk back with disgust
my clothes torn
flowers scattered
I gather myself
then flowers
and start again
pleading, hoping.

“A Delhi Immigrant”

Who brought me into this world
and why,
I asked everyone every day,
one day I left my village
for finally finding the answer
and arrived in Delhi
I asked everyone every day
who brought me into this world
and why,
jaundiced, exhausted, almost dead
one day I got my answer
from Mrs and Mr. Singh of Defence Colony-
‘you were brought into this world
because of a quirk of fate
and for serving us till your death,’
I got enlightenment
returned to my village
now the villagers call me ‘Buddhu’ (idiot)
the enlightened one.

“I Truly Drink Celestial Light”

Every dawn is a treat

Every dusk is full of delight


Light of the sun slowly fading

giving way to the soft light


of the moon and stars

appearing one by one…



In the still of the night

I truly drink the celestial light


My eyes roving from one star to another

looking carefully at the constellations


having already seen all the planets

visible with the naked eyes


then dawn offers its own wonders

with the shaft of sunlight breaking in


with birdsong, bright stars still around

before the Sun claims the whole sky.

“Djibouti” Abhay Kumar Poems

Locked in the horn of Africa
the land of Issa and Afar
to ancient Egyptians– Punt
–the God’s land ruled by Pharao

I have seen the powers come and go
the time’s eternal ebb and flow
and who can say with certainty
what will happen to me tomorrow

but I have learned the sum of balance well
and keep my eyes and ears open
I know I’ll manage to survive and live
even after fate of many nations are sealed

without a blink I watch over
the world’s busiest sea lanes
jealously guarding access
to the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

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