After the Poem Who Knows

After the Poem Who Knows Poem By Alan Michael Parker

After the poem who knows
What the vandals will do.
For now they have been sighted
At the mall, at the bank, down by
The fire station, everywhere
Myth revises history.
I want I want I want I want!
The vandals have been heard to chant,
Their chant a chant heard far away.
(Ear to the ground, finger in the air.)
Above, a cloud,
A gull, another cloud,
Capriciousness. In the tree
At the edge of the stanza, the ghosts
Of two squirrels chase each other up
And up and up and up
Then downdowndown!
(The stanza ends.)
And you and I? Who knows
What we might do
Once the poem concludes, the vandals gone,
Our words remembered as…
Recidivist! screeches a screech owl.
And the vandals stomp onto
The scene, picking their teeth clean
With the chipped tips of dullèd knives.
And you and I, and you and I?
We ready ourselves for death
(O yes the poem has taught us to)
Pack up our little picnic, close the book,
And step into the future:
Hello? We’re here. Is anybody home?

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