All Revelation Poem By Robert Frost

All Revelation Poem By Robert Frost,

A head thrusts in as for the view,
But where it is it thrusts in from,
Or what It is it thrusts into,
By that Cyb’laean avenue,

And what can of its coming come,
And whither it will be withdrawn,
And what take hence or leave behind,
These tlnngs the mind has pondered on
A moment and still asking gone.

Strange apparition of the mind!
But the impervious geode
Was entered, and its inner crust
Of crystals with a ray cathode
At every point and facet glowed

In answer to the mental thrust.
Eyes seeking the response of eyes
Bring out the stars, bring out the :Bowers,
Thus concentrating earth and skies
So none need be afraid of size.

All revelation has been ours.

All Revelation Poem By Robert Frost

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  1. Interesting. I hold in my hands a First Edition of Witness Tree, and the poem is arranged in four five-line stanzas. Was the change to this arrangement Frost’s edit?

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