Allie Famous Kids Poem

Allie Famous Kids Poem By Robert Graves! Robert Graves lived from 1895-1985, and he fought in the First World War. His title is engraved on a stone at Westminster Abbey as a commemoration of being a Great War poet. In this poem, Allie is requested to name in the animals and children, all of which come strolling as she calls and sings.

Allie Famous Kids Poem

Allie, call the birds in,
The birds from the sky.
Allie calls, Allie sings,
Down they all fly.
First there came
Two white doves
Then a sparrow from his nest,
Then a clucking bantam hen,
Then a robin red-breast.

Allie, call the beasts in,
The beasts, every one.
Allie calls, Allie sings,
In they all run.
First there came
Two black lambs,
Then a grunting Berkshire sow,
Then a dog without a tail,
Then a red and white cow.

Allie, call the fish up,
The fish from the stream.
Allie calls, Allie sings,
Up they all swim.
First there came
Two gold fish,
A minnow and a miller’s thumb,
Then a pair of loving trout,
Then the twisted eels come.

Allie, call the children,
Children from the green.
Allie calls, Allie sings,
Soon they run in.
First there came
Tom and Madge,
Kate and I who’ll not forget
How we played by the water’s edge
Till the April sun set.


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Allie Famous Kids Poem

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