Astronomer Poem By AK Ramanujan

Astronomer Poem By AK Ramanujan!

Sky-man in a manhole
with astronomy for dream,
astrology for nightmare;

fat man full of proverbs,
the language of lean years,
living in square after

almanac square
prefiguring the day
of windfall and landslide

through a calculus
of good hours,
clutching at the tear

in his birthday shirt
as at a hole
in his mildewed horoscope,

squinting at the parallax
of black planets,
his Tiger, his Hare

moving in Sanskrit zodiacs,
forever troubled
by the fractions, the kidneys

in his Tamil flesh,
his body the Great Bear,
dipping for the honey,

the woman-smell,
in the small curly hair,
down there.

Astronomer Poem By AK Ramanujan

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