Beauty, Beautious, Beautiful

Here is the “Beauty, Beautious, Beautiful”

Beauty, Beautious, Beautiful

Beauty is not a superficial form,
Each has their own in essential nature,
And in the actions they perform
Until the dissolution of their life
To leave beauty’s impressions in our hearts
Yesterdays beauty never leaves or departs.

Beauty is all around
Each and every place it may be found
As you look with open eyes
Upon the forms that nature makes
Then man seeks to imitate
Yearning to match that beauty all around.

Beauty if you cannot find
Beauty must be in mind
Beauty is in purity
Beauty of simplicity
Beauty runs right through and through
Beauty in me, and them, and you.

Beauty, beauteous, beautiful
Beauty in heaven
Beauty in fire
Beauty in earth
And finally beauty in a simple verse.

-by David Taylor

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Beauty, Beautious, Beautiful

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