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Being Hurt Quotes

Most Perfect Being Hurt Quotes List Must Check

Here is the list of the Most Perfect Being Hurt Quotes in 2021 as follow,

Being Hurt Quotes

  • Despair can never be dissolved through escape, but by observing it. Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • Pain is inevitable, suffering is not. Henepola Gunaratana
  • Be grateful in spite of your suffering. (Being Hurt Quotes)Jordan Peterson 
  • When there is no resistance of any kind then there is no psychological problem. Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • Accept suffering and achieve atonement through it – that is what you must do. Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • You aren’t really being rejected – you’re being redirected. Mel Robbins (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all. Augustine of Hippo (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • Many things cause pain which would cause pleasure if you regarded their advantages. Baltasar Gracián

Being Hurt Quotes 1

  • It is in dialogue with pain that many beautiful things acquire their value. Alain de Botton (The Architecture of Happiness)
  • Oh, love isn’t there to make us happy. I believe it exists to show us how much we can endure. Hermann Hesse
  • No man is hurt but by himself. Diogenes (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create. Oprah Winfrey
  • We need never be ashamed of our tears.(Being Hurt Quotes) Charles Dickens 
  • Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for. Bob Marley
  • Nothing on earth consumes a man more quickly than the passion of resentment. Friedrich Nietzsche
  • In the Now, in the absence of time, all your problems dissolve. Suffering needs time; it cannot survive in the Now. Eckhart Tolle
  • We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality. Seneca
  • Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise. Ram Dass (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • God allows us to experience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons that we could learn in no other way. C.S. Lewis
  • Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept something that your mind already knows. Paulo Coelho
  • I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel. I focus on the pain, the only thing that’s real. Johnny Cash (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • If there was no suffering, man would not know his limits, would not know himself. Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace)
  • Embrace your suffering tenderly. Thich Nhat Hanh (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • No one can hurt me – that’s my job. Byron Katie
  • Heaven or hell; it’s all in the mind. (Being Hurt Quotes)D. Muthukrishnan 
  • Only in the ending is there a new beginning. Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • We cannot learn without experiencing pain. Unknown
  • How you relate to the issue *is* the issue. Ron Hulnick
  • Today’s hot pain is tomorrow’s cold wisdom.
  • The axe never remembers. The tree never forgets. Paulo Coelho

Being Hurt Quotes 2

  • The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves. Sophocles
  • Pain doesn’t hurt as much when you stop avoiding it. Mel Robbins
  • What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle. Rumi (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • Whatever rejection you’re facing right now is a gift. Mel Robbins
  • Failure hurts but passes quickly. Regret hurts forever. Shane Parrish (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • No one and nothing can free you but your own understanding. Ajahn Chah

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  • Stop running from pain. Pain is here to teach you something.(Being Hurt Quotes) Justin Kan 
  • People need hard times and oppression to develop psychic muscles. Emily Dickinson
  • We are not our stories, our dramas, or our wrongdoings. We are love. Gabby Bernstein (Judgment Detox)
  • Don’t allow your wounds to turn you into a person you are not. Paulo Coelho
  • I’ve survived a lot of things, and I’ll probably survive this. J. D. Salinger (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • Use setbacks in life as an opportunity to become a bigger and better person. Don’t wallow. Shane Parrish
  • Being rejected from something good just means you were being pointed toward something better. Unknown

Being Hurt Quotes 3

  • For a tree to become tall it must grow tough roots among the rocks. Friedrich Nietzsche
  • The measure of who we are is how we react to something that does not go our way. Gregg Popovich
  • Learn from your past, but don’t be controlled by it. Mel Robbins
  • Try to learn to let what is unfair teach you. David Foster Wallace (Infinite Jest)
  • Misfortune is virtue’s opportunity. (Being Hurt Quotes)Seneca
  • If you are going to heal in a magnificent way, you have to feel magnificent. Joe Dispenza
  • Just because someone serves you a bad meal, does not mean you have to eat it. George Raveling
  • That feeling when you give it all you have and life still kicks your ass. Shane Parrish
  • Gradually the healing took place, seeming as it always does that it wasn’t taking place. Ursula K. Le Guin
  • “Why did they insult me?” Bad question. “Why did I feel insulted?” Good question. @TheStoicEmperor
  • Ninety-nine percent of your problems are created by you because you take life seriously. Osho
  • If you suffer it is because of you, if you feel blissful it is because of you. Nobody else is responsible – only you and you alone. Osho
  • People who wrong others for no good reason tend to keep at it until they finish the job. Thucydides
  • Sentimentality and emotionalism are the most destructive things. Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • There will always be suffering. But we must not suffer over the suffering. Alan Watts
  • When things break down, what has been ignored rushes in. Jordan Peterson (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • Life eventually humbles us all. The longer it takes, the harder the fall. Ed Latimore (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • Life is full of suffering. Yes. Why should it be otherwise? Embrace. Endure. @TheStoicEmperor
  • (Being Hurt Quotes) Pain and death are part of life. To reject them is to reject life itself. Havelock Ellis
  • I can bear any pain as long as it has meaning. Haruki Murakami (1Q84) (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • Recognize reality even when you don’t like it – especially when you don’t like it. Charlie Munger
  • The river you’re in has strong waves and smooth waves too. Same water, but different energy. Use them both wisely. Maxime Lagacé
  • It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it. Lena Horne

Being Hurt Quotes 4

  • We don’t meditate to see heaven, but to end suffering. Ajahn Chah (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • All suffering originates from craving, from attachment, from desire. Edgar Allan Poe (Being Hurt Quotes)
  • A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it, then you can go on to the next lesson. Unknown
  • We are not in control of pain. No matter how hard we try. Not of the cause or the duration – only the response. Ryan Holiday
  • There is no normal life that is free of pain. It’s the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth. Fred Rogers
  • Learn to accept discomfort and uncertainty. It will eliminate most of your imagined suffering. Neil Strauss

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