Brother Trouble Poem

Brother Trouble Poem By Richard Thomas!

About the Author,

  • I was the middle of three sons in our family. I will be aware of how one of a kind my relationship used to be with my older brother as in contrast to my youthful one. Even although we are all now in our eighties, traces of that distinction remain.
  • A beautiful poem with childhood memories, both positive and negative. The experience of many younger brothers, I guess.

Brother Trouble Poem

Of all the burdens I must bear,
My brother’s number one.
Our parents really messed up there.
They’ve raised an awful son.
He’s lazy, stubborn, rough and mean
And thinks he’s boss of me.
The biggest grouch you’ve ever seen
And greedy as can be.

His constant teasing makes me sore.
He does it just for spite.
He cheats and brags and, furthermore,
He tickles when we fight.
Unless he stops, I swear someday
I’ll punch his ugly face.
And if they’d let me have my way,
I’d shoot him into space.

But other times he’s not so bad.
He’s taught me lots of games.
He gave me toys and books he had
And calls me funny names.
He helps me when my homework’s hard
And finds me when I hide.
He built the treehouse in our yard
And lets me play inside.

He laughs at every joke I tell
And gives me good advice.
He knows when I’m not feeling well
And treats me extra nice.
So, all in all, I’d have to say
It’s better in the end
To let the no-good nuisance stay.
My brother is my friend.

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Brother Trouble Poem

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