Bursting Rapture Poem

Bursting Rapture Poem By Robert Frost,

I went to the phYSIcian to complaIn,
The tIme had been when anyone could turn,
To farmIng for a simple way to earn,
But now ’twas there as elsewhere, any gain
Was made by getting SCIence on the brain,
There was so much more every day to lealn,
The disCIplIne of farming was so stem,
It seemed as If I couldn’t stand the straHl.
But the physIcIan’s answer was ‘:There, there,
What you complaIn of all the natIons share.
Their effort IS a mounting ecstasy
That when it gets too exquisite to bear
Will find relief in one burst. You shall see
That’s what a certam bomb was sent to be:

Bursting Rapture Poem

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