Ada Cambridge

The Basket Of Flowers

The Basket Of Flowers Poem By Ada Cambridge! ON skies still and starlit White lustres take hold, And grey flushes scarlet, And red flashes gold. And sun-glories cover The rose, shed above her, Like lover… Read More »The Basket Of Flowers

The Old Leaven Poem

The Old Leaven Poem By Ada Cambridge! So, Maurice, you sail to-morrow, you say? And you may or may not return? Be sociable, man! for once in a way, Unless you’re too old to learn.… Read More »The Old Leaven Poem

What Of The Night

What Of The Night Poem Ada Cambridge! To you, who look below, Where little candles glow — Who listen in a narrow street, Confused with noise of passing feet — To you ’tis wild and… Read More »What Of The Night

The Enlightened Age

The Enlightened Age Poem By Ada Cambridge! I Say it to myself—in meekest awe Of Progress, electricity and steam, Of this almighty age—this liberal age, That has no time to breathe, or think, or dream,—… Read More »The Enlightened Age

The Winged Mariners

The Winged Mariners! Through the wild night, the silence and the dark, Through league on league of the uncharted sky, Lonelier than dove of fable from its ark, The fieldfares fly. Mate with his tiny… Read More »The Winged Mariners

The Virgin Martyr

The Virgin Martyr Poem By Ada Cambridge! Every wild she-bird has nest and mate in the warm April weather, But a captive woman, made for love — no mate, no nest has she. In the… Read More »The Virgin Martyr

The Vain Question Poem

The Vain Question Poem By Ada Cambridge! Why should we court the storms that rave and rend, Safe at our household hearth? Why, starved and naked, without home or friend, Unknowing whence we came or… Read More »The Vain Question Poem

The Solider Grave

The Solider Grave Poem By Ada Cambridge! Twas long ago, in the summer-time, On a day as sad as this, That I laid my babe in its father’s arms, And he gave it his farewell… Read More »The Solider Grave

The Season Poem

The Season Poem By Ada Cambridge! And must I wear a silken life, Hemmed in by city walls? And must I give my garden up For theatres and balls? Nay, though the cage be made… Read More »The Season Poem

The Resting Place

The Resting Place Poem By Ada Cambridge! “Because I live, ye shall live also.” Calmly the Paschal moonlight now is sleeping On mossy hillock and on headstone grey, Where still our Mother holds in faithful… Read More »The Resting Place