Robert Frost Poems

The Planners Poem

The Planners Poem By Robert Frost, If anything should put an end to This, I’m thinkmg the unborn would never mISS, What they had never had of vItal bhss No burst of nuclear phenomenon That… Read More »The Planners Poem

An Importer Poem

An Importer Poem By Robert Frost, Mrs Someone’s been to Asia. What she brought back would amaze yeo, Bamboos, ivories, Jades, and lacquers, Devil-scanng firecrackers, RecIpes for tea with butter, Sacred rigmaroles to mutter, Subterfuge… Read More »An Importer Poem

A Cliff Dwelling Poem

A Cliff Dwelling Poem By Robert Frost, There sandy seems the golden sky, And golden seems the sandy plain. No habItation meets the eye Unless in the honzon nm, Some halfway up the limestone wall,… Read More »A Cliff Dwelling Poem

A Rogers Group Poem

A Rogers Group Poem By Robert Frost, How young and unassuIDlllg They waIted in the street, WIth babIes ill theIr arms, And baggage at theIr feet. A trolley car they haIled Went by With clangmg… Read More »A Rogers Group Poem