New Year Poem

Hey, Here Comes My

Here is the “Hey, Here Comes My” Poem by anonymous! Hey, Here Comes My Hey, here comes my New Year’s reality Check, Another year is another fresh chance, To start all over again! This time… Read More »Hey, Here Comes My

Burning the Old Year

Here is the “Burning the Old Year” Poem by anonymous! Burning the Old Year: Letters swallow themselves in seconds. Notes friends tied to the doorknob, transparent scarlet paper, sizzle like moth wings, marry the air.… Read More »Burning the Old Year

December 31st Poem

Here is the “December 31st Poem”! December 31st Poem All my undone actions wander, naked across the calendar, a band of skinny hunter-gatherers, blown snow scattered here and there, stumbling toward a future folded in… Read More »December 31st Poem

New Year Poem

Here is the “New Year Poem” Poem by anonymous! New Year Poem A child carrying flowers walks toward the new year, a conductor tattooing darkness, listens to the shortest pause, hurry a lion into the… Read More »New Year Poem

New Year’s Poem

Here is the “New Year’s Poem” Poem by anonymous! New Year’s Poem: The Christmas twigs crispen and needles rattle, Along the window-ledge. A solitary pearl, Shed from the necklace spilled at last week’s party, Lies… Read More »New Year’s Poem

Seasons Yet To Come

Here is the “Seasons Yet To Come”! Seasons Yet To Come They gave us all a calendar, At work this afternoon. Suddenly it dawns on me, The year is ending soon! Comes January, cold and… Read More »Seasons Yet To Come

Pieces Of Time Poem

Here is the “Pieces of Time Poem”! Pieces Of Time Poem New years come and new years go, Pieces of time all in a row. As we live our life, each second and minute, We… Read More »Pieces Of Time Poem

To The New Year

Here is the “To the New Year”! To the New Year With what stillness at last, you appear in the valley, your first sunlight reaching down, to touch the tips of a few high leaves… Read More »To The New Year

Happy New Year Poem

Here is the “Happy New Year Poem” Poem by anonymous! Happy New Year Poem As the world celebrates, With fireworks and cakes, I’m standing here alone, Far away from home With nothing but a suitcase… Read More »Happy New Year Poem

Snowfall New Year Poem

Here is the “Snowfall New Year Poem”! Snowfall New Year Poem Particulate as ash, new year’s first snow falls, upon peaked roofs, car hoods, undulant hills, in imitation of motion that moves the way, static… Read More »Snowfall New Year Poem

Look For The Good

Here is the “Look For The Good”! Look For The Good In the New Year, let’s resolve, to get less stressed, upset, anxious, about things over which we have no control. Lets have a narrower… Read More »Look For The Good