Sorry Poem

I Hurt You So Bad

Here is the “I Hurt You So Bad” Poem by anonymous! I Hurt You So Bad I’m sorry baby I hurt you so bad, Thinking about it makes me so sad. You’ve been such a… Read More »I Hurt You So Bad

I Am Really Sorry

Here is the “I Am Really Sorry” Poem by anonymous! I Am Really Sorry Relationships are fragile I know, You have to care and show, That I love you so, But, can’t you forgive me… Read More »I Am Really Sorry

Five Letter Word

Here is the “Five Letter Word” Poem by anonymous! Five Letter Word Sorry maybe just a five letter word, But it means so much to be my dear. I mean every word I say, I… Read More »Five Letter Word

My One Fault

Here is the “My One Fault” Poem by anonymous! My One Fault My one fault had tears in your eyes, I know I was not that wise, But, if you let go of things, Then… Read More »My One Fault

Never The Intention

Here is the “Never The Intention” Poem by anonymous! Never The Intention Hurting a sweetheart like you was never the intention, My rude behaviour was never supposed to be the reason. Still I hurt you… Read More »Never The Intention

Whatever I Have Done

Here is the “Whatever I Have Done” Poem by anonymous! Whatever I Have Done I am apologizing for whatever I have done, Coz I really can’t stay without you honey, You are my life and… Read More »Whatever I Have Done