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Learning the Angels Poem

Learning the Angels Poem By Rennie McQuilkin Waiting up, he’s deep in Angels & Archangels: lion-bodied Cherubim, Principalities, six-winged, translucent as cathedral windows, heavily armored Archangels, and the usual angels for the dirty work, recording,… Read More »Learning the Angels Poem

Embertide in Advent Poem

Embertide in Advent Poem By David Middleton They waited beneath the cold December snows, Late flowers of the fall, the folded rose, The angels’-trumpet crumpled in the mold, Daisies of Michaelmas, the hidden lily curled… Read More »Embertide in Advent Poem

American Pylons Poem

American Pylons Poem By Kevin Durkin Spreading their legs between the rows, of stubble wheat or corn, they stand their ground against the lash and icy sting of storms. While all the country lies asleep,… Read More »American Pylons Poem

Elegy for Jane Kenyon

Elegy for Jane Kenyon (2) Poem by Jean Valentine! Jane is big, with death, Don, sad and kind—Jane, though she’s dying, is full of mind, , We talk about the table, the little walnut one… Read More »Elegy for Jane Kenyon