The Thirsty Crow Kids Story

The Thirsty Crow Kids Story By Anonymous!

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The Thirsty Crow Kids Story

One hot summer day a crow was feeling very thirsty. It flew all over the fields looking for water, but all was in vain. For a long time, it flew here and there, but it could not find water to quench its thirst. It felt very weak and almost lost all hope to find water.

Suddenly, it saw a pitcher below a tree. It flew down to see if it had any water inside. Yes, it could see some water at the bottom of the pitcher!.

The crow tried to push his head into the jug. But the crow could not reach the water with its beak. The neck of the pitcher was too long and the water level was too low. Then it tried to tilt the pot for the water to flow out by the pot was too heavy and did not move an inch.

The tired crow thought hard for a while. It looked around and found some pebbles which gave it a good idea. It picked the pebbles one by one and dropped them in the pitcher. As more and more pebbles were dropped into the pot, the water level started rising. Soon the water level was high enough for the crow to drink from it. It drank the water, quenched its thirst, and happily flew to its destination.

The story of the thirsty crow shows us that every problem is solvable if you work hard to solve it. So never let the problems and challenges in your life bring you down, work hard, and use it to learn and grow.


The King And The Seeds Kids Story

The King And The Seeds Kids Story by Anonymous!

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The King And The Seeds Kids Story

Once there lived a great king renowned for being wise and intelligent. As the thought of retiring came to the king’s mind, he spread the word across his kingdom that he was soon to appoint a new successor for his throne.

The news of the search for a new successor caused a great stirring across the land. The king was considered to be the wisest to have come to the power. His clever policies had helped to build a just and content nation over the course of his ruling. Very few were surprised to know that he was to eschew the traditional route of the family for the search of the one worthy of the throne.

The king called the youth of the nation together and gathered them in the royal hall. The king gave each of them a seed and said “ This is a very special seed. I want all of you to plant it, take care of it and come back after a year with what you have. Based on what you bring back, I will decide the next king of the country.”

Everyone left the gathering with a seed. They excitedly planted their seed and waited for it to grow. As the months passed by the youth of the country was talking about how their plant has grown tremendously beautiful. Among all the youth, there was a young man whose seed hadn’t even sprouted. Although he used to water the seed every day and did everything to make it grow, the seed would grow. He could hear people talking about their plants. But still, he has nothing.

A year had passed from the day the seed was distributed. All the youth was summoned to the palace where they were to display the outcome of their seeds. The young man, whose seed did not grow as other, was very reluctant to even attend the gathering. But, his mother insisted him to go to the palace with what he had because his efforts had been true and that there was no shame in showing that. The young man went to the palace with his pot of soil.

In the gathering, he was amazed to see the variety of beautiful plants others had grown. The young man put his empty pot on the floor while a number of the others were laughing at him as he did so. The young man was embarrassed to be there.

When the king arrived in the hall and inspected each and every pot. He slowly examined all of the different foliage and the beaming children that accompanied them. The young man was hiding in the back trying to go unseen, but the king found him, and gave pause when he did. Walking over, he eyed the young man and his plant closely but he said nothing. He ordered his guards to bring the young man to the front of the room.

The young man was very sad as the king had noticed his utter failure to grow a seed. Arriving at the front, the guards let go of him, leaving him standing alone before all of the others, many of whom were snickering and pointing. The king called the young man closer. He held his hand and raised it and said loudly “Behold, everyone, your new king!”

The king said “One year ago, I gave everyone a seed. I instructed you to take the seed, plant it, water it, and bring it back. What you were unaware of, was that every seed I handed out had been boiled beforehand so that none of them were fit to grow! All of you after a year have brought me trees, plants, and flowers, born of your dishonesty. The seeds which grew these plants were not the ones I provided you. Therefore, look upon the only honest one among you, this young man, and know now why he deserves to be your ruler.”

The Ant And The Dove Kids Story

The Ant And The Dove Kids Story by Anonymous!

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The Ant And The Dove Kids Story

One day an ant came to the bank of a river to drink water. The river current seemed to be high that afternoon and ant suddenly slipped and fell into the water. The ant was being swept away by the stream. The ant feared that it might be it’s last.

Thankfully, a kind dove saw the struggling ant. The dove dropped a leaf into the water so that the ant could climb into it.  The ant climbed onto the leaf. The dove then carefully pulled the leaf out of the stream to the shore. The ant’s life was saved by the kind dove.

After a few days, a fierce hunter came to the forest. The hunter saw the beautiful dove on the tree and aimed to shoot his arrow at it. The ant, which was saved by the kindness of the dove, saw the hunter aiming at his savior. Before the hunter could release his arrow, the ant bit the hunter on the foot. The hunter shouted due to the pain from the ant’s bite.  The dove was alarmed by the noise created by the hunter and flew to a safer place.

Moral: Every good deed we do for others will  come back to us.

The Tortoise And The Geese Kids Story

The Tortoise And The Geese Kids Story by Anonymous

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The Tortoise And The Geese Kids Story

Once upon a time, there lived a tortoise and two geese who shared a lake in a beautiful valley. For many years they lived harmoniously and became close friends. But the valley was struck by a bad drought and the pond started to dry.

The animals and plant life near the lake started to die due to dehydration and many animals started to look for a new place to live.

“ Soon the lake will dry and the valley will be unlivable. We must seek a new home quickly”, said one of the geese.

The two geese flew around to find a new house. At last, they found another beautiful lake in a faraway forest. The environment around the lake was perfect for them to live in.

They came back to the tortoise and told him about the beautiful lake. The tortoise got really excited that the two geese found a new home but was saddened that he may never be able to travel the distance to survive the drought.

“I cannot fly like you,” said an upset tortoise. I don’t know what I will do?”

The geese understood the tortoise’s concerns and said “Don’t worry my friend, we have thought of an idea to transport you to the new place. But, for that, you need to promise us that you would not open your mouth, even a single time during the entire journey. Otherwise, you will be in instant danger of losing your life.”

“Have no fear, my friends,” replied the Tortoise, “I will be silent until you tell me to speak again. I would rather never open my mouth again than be left to die alone here in the dried-up pond.”

The Geese brought a stout stick and asked the Tortoise to grasp it firmly by his mouth. Then they took hold of the two ends and flew off with him. They traveled several miles in safety and the tortoise could have a bird’s eye view of the forest, hills, and grasslands. Their course laid over a village. As the villagers saw this incredible sight of a Tortoise being carried by two Geese, they began to laugh and cry out, The children ran and followed them and started shouting “Oh, look at the  funny sight of tortoise clinging to a stick”

The Tortoise grew indignant and could not stand the jeering any longer. He opened his mouth to explain the situation to them, but before he could say anything he fell to the ground and was dashed to pieces. The two geese could not do anything to help their friend. They grieved their friend’s tragedy for a while and flew to their new home.

“Silence is the fence around wisdom” -German Quote

The Fox And The Goat Kids Story

The Fox And The Goat Kids Story by Anonymous!

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The Fox And The Goat Kids Story

One fine evening a fox was roaming around in the dark while it fell into a well. The water in the well was shallow for it to survive the drowning, but the pit was too deep for it to jump off.  The fox tried its level best to come out, but all was in vain. So, it decided to remain there until the next morning when the other animals will come to the well.

The next morning the fox heard a voice. “What are you doing there?” the squeaky voice said. The fox looked up to see the goat that was passing by the well. He thought he should make use of the innocent and silly goat to get himself out of the well.

“I came here to drink water”, replied the sly fox. It is the best water I have ever tasted. Come and drink the water  for yourself.” The goat jumped into the well without thinking twice. The goat quenched its thirst and looked for a way to get out. But just like the fox, it also found itself helpless to come out.

Then the fox said, “I have an idea. You stand on your hind legs. I’ll climb on your head and get out. Then I shall help you come out too.” The goat was very innocent to understand the shrewdness of the fox and did as the fox said and helped him get out of the well. But, the fox did not come back to help the goat as promised. The goat cried for help but the selfish fox did not care.

While walking away, the fox said, “Had you been intelligent enough, you would have never got in without seeing how to get out.”

Moral: Look before you leap.  Do not just blindly walk into anything without thinking.

Two Cats And A Monkey Kids Story

Two Cats And A Monkey Kids Story By Anonymous!

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Two Cats And A Monkey Kids Story

After a lavish festival in a village, the two cats were prowling together. One of the cats saw a big delicious looking cake and meowed. The other jumped up and picked it.

The first cat said, “It is my cake because I saw it first

The other cat said, “ It is my cake because I picked it up.”

A monkey was passing by when it overheard the two cats fighting for their share of the cake.  The monkey thought to take advantage of the cat’s fights and approached the two cats.

It came to the cats and said. “Don’t fight my friends. I have two hands and I can easily divide the cake into two pieces. Let me equally share the cake among you both”. The cats agreed and handed the cake over to the monkey.

The monkey split the cake into two parts. He shook his head and said, “Oh No! One is slightly bigger than the other one. Let me take a bite of the bigger one so it is as big as the other one ”. He had a big bite of the bigger piece of the cake and said “Oh No! This has become smaller now.”  He ate from the other. And thus, he went on eating from part to part and finally finished the whole cake.  When all the cake was over, the cats were stunned by the happenings. It was very late when they realized that the monkey was making fools out of them, the entire time.

Moral: When you quarrel and fight, someone else gains.

The Magical Sticks Kids Story

The Magical Sticks Kids Story By Anonymous!

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The Magical Sticks Kids Story

A rich merchant had many servants in his house. One day the merchant’s wife’s beloved necklace disappeared from her vault. Gradually precious things in the house started disappearing one by one. The merchant was troubled by the thief in his house. He suspected one of his many servants to be the thief. But it was very difficult to identify and catch the thief among all the other servants in his huge house. The troubled merchant contacted his wise friend Birbal about the recent incidents.

After listening to the merchant, Birbal agreed to help the merchant and went to his house.  Birbal summoned all the merchant’s servants and started interrogating them one by one. He received nothing but absolute denial from every single one of them

An idea, then struck Birbal. He handed over a stick to every servant, all of the same length. He told them that the stick  was magical and the stick of the thief would grow by two inches the next day. The servants were ordered to present the stick to Birbal the next day.

The next day, as ordered, the servants assembled at the merchant’s house with their sticks. As Birbal examined each stick, he noticed that one of the servants was holding a stick that was two inches shorter.

“This is your thief, merchant.– Birbal said, pointing at the servant.

When the merchant asked Birbal to reason his accusation, he said- “Honest men never feared about the growth of their stick. The thief  had already cut his stick shorter by two inches fearing that his stick will be long by two inches next morning.”