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Charlotte Brontë Long Quote

Charlotte Brontë Long Quote

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Charlotte Brontë Long Quote

“I will not swear, reader, that there was not something of repressed sarcasm both in the tone in which I uttered this sentence and in the feeling that accompanied it. I had silently feared St. John till now because I had not understood him. He had held me in awe because he had held me in doubt. How much of him was saint, how much mortal, I cold not heretofore tell: but revelations were being made in this conference: analysis of his nature was proceeding before my eyes. I saw his fallibilities: I.comprehnded them. I understood that, sitting there where I did, on the bank of heath, and with that handsome form before me, I sat at the feet of a man, erring as I. The veil fell from his hardness and despotism. Having felt in him the presence of these qualities, I felt his imperfection and took courage. I was with an equal-one with whom I might argue-one whom, if I saw good, I might resist.”

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