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Copyright Renewal Under the Texaco Star

Copyright Renewal Under the Texaco Star Poem

The sass pumping my gas
Is flashing a come-hither tattoo—
Kokopelli, the gigolo flute player
(After some Anasazi petroglyphs).
And you know
The way it peekaboos into view
When her arm eclipses the blaze of the windshield,
A five-color icon, conga dancing through that tan line,
And the way the waist of her oversized, orange jumpsuit
Grabs ass when she roll-casts the air hose
Out of the way of my going,
Lug sole boots by R. Crumb
Zippering the tarmac,
Walk-away wink,
You just know
How Susanna burned those elders down.

Jeffrey Dye
first published in The Threepenny Review, 76, vol. XIX, no. 4, Winter 1999

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