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Covered with Dew Poem

Covered with Dew Poem

Covered with dew,
country of tender leaves,
how many more millennium
before you grow weary of giving birth?
Cradle of misfortune,

so lovely that no one
has time to forego
your green graveyard,

your dust rich with salt,
deposited by tears that,
borne by river beds,
replenish them with fish;
even your weeping is fertile,

inexhaustible mother.
Heedlessly, you raise up
lambs into sheep for slaughter,

bring forth live herbs from the dead
and out of suffering, love.

Peace and repose to you,
reckless provider;
forgotten under a bloodied sky
and grayed with cold—good night.

Ana Blandian
first published in Great River Review, no. 33, Fall/Winter 2000–2001
translated from Romanian by Kathleen Snodgrass, with Dona Rosu and Luciana Costea

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