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dear addiction poem

Dear Addiction,

You snuck up on me, uninvited and unwanted, Slowly but surely, you took hold of my life. You whispered sweet nothings in my ear, But all you ever gave me was pain and strife.

You promised to take away my problems, But you only made them worse. You promised to make me feel alive, But you only made me feel cursed.

You took away my friends and family, And replaced them with lies and deceit. You took away my health and happiness, And left me broken and incomplete.

Dear addiction, I am breaking free, From your grasp that once held me tight. I am reclaiming my life and my soul, And I am determined to win this fight.

You may have taken so much from me, But I will not let you take everything. I will rise above your grasp, And live a life that is worth living.

Dear addiction, you may have won battles, But you will not win the war. For I am stronger than you ever imagined, And I am ready to soar.

Sincerely, The person you once controlled

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