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Debate Topics

70+ Debate Topics That You Must Check

Debate Topics: Since the dawn of time, conversation has constantly been at the core of civilization. When verbal exchange breaks down, conflicts happen! Humans have interaction with every different thru conversations in the modern-day, each in informal and significant ways. Amidst the heated political local weather and polarizing ideas, a healthful conversation drift is wished to permit total societies to continue to exist and thrive.

When variations in beliefs and opinions get the higher of two speaking parties, arguments ensue. However, in most formal settings the place a dialogue takes place between two opposing parties, a discourse that does no longer always stop in fighting can play out. We name it “debate” — an equipped to fit the place two opposing events formally talk about contrasting viewpoints. Some name it “intellectual sport.”

Here are the 70+ Debate Topics

Note: These topics are categorized on a different topic, whether you want to share any topic with us then please let us know in the comment section.

Good Debate Topics,

Good Debate Topics

  • This House would ban close relatives from succeeding each other in public office.
  • This House would not permit candidates to spend their own money on their political campaigns.
  • This House would require children to support their parents in old age and illness.
  • This House believes colleges owe athletes an education.
  • This House believes developed countries are morally obligated to fight climate change.
  • This House would fund art that depicts the struggles of marginalized groups.
  • This House would ban spouses of elected officials from policy roles and deliberations.
  • This House would forbid private funding in political campaigns.
  • This House would not invest in companies in the fossil fuel industry.
  • This House supports civil disobedience in response to police brutality.
  • This House would televise all government proceedings.
  • This House believes people should not celebrate the deaths of their enemies.
  • This House would institute a gun buyback program in the United States of America.
  • This House would ban cars from the central areas of large cities.
  • This House believes elected officials should not allow polls to influence their actions.

Controversial Debate Topics,

Controversial Debate Topics

  • This House believes that anyone can succeed through hard work, regardless of background.
  • This House would immediately return all illegal immigrants to their country of origin.
  • This House would permit corporations to discriminate on the basis of lifestyle factors like smoking or obesity when hiring.
  • This House would boycott professional sports teams with controversial, culturally-appropriated mascots.
  • This House believes global warming is inevitable.
  • This House believes  the police are inherently biased against minorities
  • This House would allow athletes to take performance-enhancing drugs.
  • This House would ban beauty contests.
  • This House would punish parents who fail to vaccinate their children.

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Fun Debate Topics,

Fun Debate Topics

  • This House would rather get caught sleeping in class than forget their homework.
  • This House believes the person with the aux cord/who controls the music must take song requests from everyone else at least 50% of the time.
  • Given the choice between traveling back in time or into the future, This House would go back in time.
  • This House would rather have the power to read minds than the ability to fly.
  • This House would rather be totally rejected than friend-zoned by their crush.
  • This House would rather fight 1,000 duck-sized horses than 1 horse-sized duck.
  • This House would rather have 1 million followers on TikTok than on Instagram.
  • This House believes that aliens exist.
  • This House would rather eat ice cream than cookies for dessert.
  • This House believes amusement parks are superior to waterparks.

Timeless Debate Topics,

Timeless Debate Topics

  • This House believes that people are inherently good, but the world makes them evil.
  • This House believes that the chicken came before the egg.
  • This House believes that taxes are immoral.
  • This House believes that science can coexist with religion.
  • This House believes that all war is evil.
  • This House believes that there is life after death.
  • This House believes God exists.
  • This House believes humans have free will.
  • This House believes that morality is objective, not subjective.
  • This House believes that truth is absolute, not relative.

Debate Topics for High School,

Debate Topics for High School

  • This House believes that countries should offer free university education to students in exchange for 5 years of civil service.
  • This House would encourage the creation of all girls’ schools.
  • This House believes that voting power should vary by income and/or wealth.
  • This House believes that the UN is a failure.
  • This House welcomes the decline of the USA as the sole global superpower.
  • This House would ban its citizens from visiting authoritarian states whose economies depend on tourism.
  • This House would allow individuals to sell their organs.
  • This House would prioritize vocational education over the liberal arts in high schools.
  • This House would ban fracking for oil and natural gas recovery.
  • This House would negotiate with terrorists.
  • This House would establish education and experience qualifications for Presidential candidates.
  • This House believes that nuclear proliferation has been on balance good.
  • This House would limit wealth inequality.
  • This House would require labeling for food with genetically modified (GMO) content.
  • This House believes drone strikes targeting specific individuals are immoral.

Debate Topics for College Students,

Debate Topics for College Students

  • This House would adopt a law making it illegal to hire fashion models who have a BMI lower than levels proposed by health authorities.
  • This House would allow corporations to use hackers to retaliate against cyberattacks where the state seems unwilling or unable to do so.
  • This House would ban direct-to-consumer advertisements of prescription drugs in the United States.
  • This House would permit terminally ill patients to take drugs that have not yet completed testing.
  • This House believes That Supreme Court judges should be elected, not appointed.
  • This House believes That Arab nations should take responsibility for Middle Eastern refugees.
  • This House would require all primaries to be open, that is any voter can vote in any primary regardless of party affiliation.
  • If This House were Saudi Arabia, This House would not rely on the United States.
  • This House believes That free trade no longer benefits the economy.
  • This House would support extensive Russian military involvement in Syria.
  • This House believes That US Middle East policy has been a failure.
  • This House would prohibit the publication of recordings of police activity without prior court approval.
  • This House, as the Federal Government, would not lend money to college students.
  • This House would permit businesses to invoke a conscientious religious objection.
  • This House would privatize all major infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports, harbors, utilities, etc

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