Determinate Inflorescence Poem

Determinate Inflorescence: Ephemera Poem

I am not making myself up for public consumption.
I enjoy consumption when it means an end to things.
Please deduce.
Each flower comes from the axil
of a small leaf which, however, is often so small
that it might escape notice and which sometimes
(as in the Mustard Family) disappears altogether.
(Waving adieu, adieu, adieu.) The summit, never
being stopped by a terminal flower may go on to grow
and often does so, producing lateral flowers
one after another, the whole summer long.
My raceme to your umbel. You terminal,
me currant, choke-cherry, barberry. You milk,
weed, you flat cyme to my corymb, my kiss alas
like a moth on the right flower at the wrong time of day.

Liz Waldner
from Self and Simulacra

Determinate Inflorescence Poem

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