Epithalamion for Sarah and Tony

Epithalamion for Sarah and Tony Poem

Her veil, his tie—
They do, and undo
What has not been
Undone. Deer pause
Below their window,
On the sill sparrows
Alight, the wilds
Uncoil and listen in.
Even the mountain
Leans all night down
To discover their
All night it listens
For the wind lifting
The sheets, the lake’s
Low murmur lapping
The bed. All night
The mountain leans
Closer and presses
An ear to every
Sound. The mountain
Leans closer, down,
And down, and soon,
Levels, becomes,
The bed they lie in.
And they become
The mountain, rising
Above the mountain
That listens in.

Jeff Mock
first published in The Iowa Review, vol. 27, no. 2,
Summer/Fall 1997

Epithalamion for Sarah and Tony

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