Etherealizing Poem By Robert Frost

Etherealizing Poem By Robert Frost,

A theory if you hold it hard enough,
And long enough gets rated as a creed:
Such as that flesh is sometlnng we can slough
So that the mind can be entirely freed
Then when the arms and legs have atrophIed,
And brain is all that’s left of mortal stuff,
We can lie on the beach WIth the seaweed
And take our dally tIde baths smooth and rough.
There once we lay as blobs of jellyfish
At evolutIOn’s OpposIte extreme.
But now as blobs of braIn we’ll he and dream,
WIth only one vestIgIal creature wish.
Oh, may the tide be soon enough at hIgh
To keep our abstract verse from beIng dry.

Etherealizing Poem By Robert Frost

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