Even When Motivational Poem For Everybody

Here is the “Even When” Motivational Poem as follow,

About the Author: I wrote this poem that I hope will stick in people’s minds. I have had to go thru a lot, and I recognize that I ought to probably strive and remain cheerful, so I began to write this poem. It without a doubt touched my instructor and my parents.

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Even When Motivational Poem For Everybody

Even when those storm winds are blowing,
I’ll stand and fight them knowing
I’m not alone,
Not on my own.

Even when there’s hatred brewing,
I know what I’ll be doing;
I’ll laugh and smile,
Send it away while.

Even when there’s a huge earthquake,
I’ll stand tall and I won’t shake;
Let the pain go,
Let my joy show.

Even when there’s a strong hurricane,
I’ll wade unbending through the pain;
Help those who’ve fallen,
Welcome those who are calling.

Even when someone’s been deserted,
I know they didn’t deserve it;
Become their friend,
It’s not the end.

Even When Motivational Poem For Everybody

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