Extended Family Poem By A. K. Ramanujan

Extended Family Poem By A. K. Ramanujan!

Yet like grandfather,
I bathe before the village crow,

the dry chlorine water,
my only Ganges,

the naked Chicago bulb,
a cousin of the Vedic sun

slap soap on my back
like father

and think
in proverbs

like me
I wipe myself dry

with an unwashed
Sears turkish towel

like mother
I hear faint morning song

(though here it sounds

and three clear strings

through kitchen

like my little daughter
I play shy

hand over crotch
my body not yet full

of thoughts novels
and children

I hold my peepee
like my little son

play garden hose
in and out
the bathtub

like my grandson
I look up

at myself

like my great

I am not yet
may never be

my future

on several

to come

Extended Family Poem By A. K. Ramanujan

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