faith and courage in life by angie m flores

faith and courage in life by angie m flores

Faith and courage are two important traits that can help us navigate through life’s ups and downs. Angie M Flores’s poem on faith and courage in life captures the essence of these traits beautifully. Here’s the poem:

In life, there are many trials and tests Some are easy, while others are a real test It’s important to have faith, to believe in your heart And have courage to face the challenges, right from the start

Faith is the foundation on which we build our lives It gives us hope and strength to strive It’s the belief that there is something greater than ourselves That guides us through life’s twists and turns, through highs and lows

Courage is the fire that burns within our soul It’s the determination to achieve our goals It’s the willingness to face our fears and overcome And to keep going when things get tough and the journey seems long

Together, faith and courage can move mountains They can conquer obstacles, break chains, and open fountains They can light up the darkest of days And bring us closer to our hopes and dreams in so many ways

So let us hold on to faith, and let courage guide our way Let us trust in the path that’s laid before us each day For with faith and courage, we can overcome anything And reach the heights of greatness that life can bring.

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