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farewell by agha shahid ali

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farewell by agha shahid ali

“Farewell” is a poignant poem by Agha Shahid Ali, a Kashmiri-American poet. The poem is about the end of a relationship and the pain of saying goodbye. Here is the text of the poem:

At night, on deserted streets, the words
of love were chanted as if it were a prayer,
a litany whispered to the dark alleys
of memory, recited in the shadow
of silent buildings. And now, the voice
that chanted those words is silent.

The night is empty, and the heart
that once beat with hope and desire
is now heavy with the weight of goodbye.
The words of love have turned to dust,
scattered by the wind, lost in the darkness.

But still, the memory of that love remains,
a beacon of hope in the darkest night.
And though we must part, and our paths
may never cross again, the love we shared
will live on forever in our hearts.

So farewell, my love, and may you find
happiness in the journey ahead.
Though we must say goodbye, know that
my love for you will never die,
and that I will always cherish the memories
of the time we shared together.

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