Forever Sad Poem

Here is the “Forever Sad Poem” As follows By unknown!

Forever Sad Poem

I’ve known you for only,
a short period of time,
but I feel as if,
I’ve known you forever.

I tremble with joy
at your every touch.
The feel of your hand taking mine –
I want you to hold it forever.

I glow with happiness
every time you’re near.
I want you near me now,
I want to be with you forever.

My knees grow weak
in your loving arms.
I want to stay there,
I want you to hold me forever.

My body melts
with every kiss you give.
Just the thought of your lips on mine –
I want you to kiss me forever.

My heart jumps
to know how much you care.
Knowing that it is so much more –
I want you to love me forever.

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Forever Sad Poem

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