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God's Beautiful Sky

God’s Beautiful Sky

Here is the ” God’s Beautiful Sky”!

God’s Beautiful Sky

God’s beautiful sky,
you hold the earth in place,
your friends surround your beautiful face,

Your friends the clouds are your beard long
The birds fly through your white fluffy hair
and sing to you a song

You hold the heavens above
and the earth below
I can see you
wherever I go

Your friends the sun and moon
are your eyes and ears
the moon shines bright through the night
to sooth a child’s fears

A tree starts as a seed
and grows up really high
but never get to touch their friend
the sky

Your friends the stars above
are your tokens of love
that sometimes shoot across your beautiful face
You can see them up in space

Look at the sky
Cause it is watching you
and when you see a rainbow
Your wishes will come true

-by Summer Song

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