Haec Fabula Docet Poem

Haec Fabula Docet Poem By Robert Frost,

A Blindman by the name of La Fontaine,
RelYIng on hImself and on his cane,
Came tap-tap-tapping down the village street,
The apogee of human bhnd conceIt.
Now Just ahead of him was seen to yawn
A trench where water pipes were laying on.
The Blindman mIght have found It WIth hIS ferrule,
But someone over anxious at his penl
Not only warned rum with a loud command,
But ran against hIm with a staying hand
Enraged at what he could but thmk officious,
The Bhndman mIssed hIm wIth a blow so vicious
He gave hIS own poor iliac a wrench
And plunged himself head foremost in the trench:
Where with a glee no less for beIng grim
The workmen all turned to and buned him.

Haec Fabula Docet Poem

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