hands of a warrior poem

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hands of a warrior poem

The hands of a warrior are strong and bold, They’ve fought through battles, both new and old. They’ve held the weapons of war, with pride, And with those same hands, many foes have died.

These hands have built shelters for the weak, And fed the hungry, those who could not speak. They’ve held the hands of those who were dying, And comforted those who were left crying.

These hands have fought for freedom and peace, Their strength and courage will never cease. They’ve protected their country with their might, And fought for justice, both day and night.

The hands of a warrior are full of scars, But they’ve never let fear or doubt leave their hearts. For they know that their duty is to serve, And to protect those that they love and deserve.

So when you see the hands of a warrior, Remember the sacrifices they’ve made, and the glory they’ve brought, For their hands are the hands of heroes, And with them, they have changed the world, a lot.

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