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Horatio Alger Quotes

20 All-Time Best Horatio Alger Quotes As Follow

Here is the list of 20 All-Time Best Horatio Alger Quotes As FollowAs Follow

Horatio Alger Quotes

  • “There are many boys, and men too, who, like Micky Maguire, have never had a fair chance in life. Let us remember that, when we judge them, and not be too hasty to condemn.”― Horatio Alger Quotes
  • “I mean to turn over a new leaf, and try to grow up “‘spectable”― Horatio Alger Quotes
  • “Now, good clothes exert more influence upon the wearer than we might at first suppose. So it was with Tom.”― Horatio Alger Jr.

Horatio Alger Quotes (1)

  • “FAME AND FORTUNE;”― Horatio Alger Quotes
  • “There seemed a popular sentiment in favor of employing boys, and Tom, like others of her sex, found herself shut out from an employment for which she considered herself fitted.”― Horatio Alger Quotes
  • “That Tom should be very conscientious on the subject of truth could hardly be expected.”― Horatio Alger Jr
  • “Poor Tom began to regret that she had experienced anything better since it seemed doubtful whether she would ever again be satisfied with a street life.”― Horatio Alger Jr

Horatio Alger Quotes (2)

  • “Once more she felt that she had a home, humble enough, to be sure, but made attractive by kindness.” Horatio Alger Jr.
  • “To Tom, who was a true child of the city, who had rarely seen green grass, since the round of her life had been spent within a short distance of City Hall Park, it seemed strange. She wondered how it would seem to live in the country, and rather thought she should not like it.”― Horatio Alger Jr
  • “It’s the News-boys’ Lodgin’ House, on Fulton Street,” said Dick, “up over the ’Sun’ office. It’s a good place. I don’t know what us boys would do without it. They give you supper for six cents and a bed for five cents more.”

Horatio Alger Quotes (3)

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  • “I suppose some boys don’t even have the five cents to pay,–do they?”
  • “They’ll trust the boys,” said Dick. “But I don’t like to get trusted. I’d be ashamed to get trusted for five cents, or ten either.”― Horatio Alger Jr.
  • “Do you believe niggers go to de same heaven wid white folks, missus?” asked Chloe, after a pause.”― Horatio Alger Quotes

Horatio Alger Quotes (4)

  • “If at first, you don’t succeed, Try, try again!”― Horatio Alger Jr
  • “of stories”― Horatio Alger Quotes
  • “gamesters,”― Horatio Alger Jr

Horatio Alger Quotes (5)

  • “The candidate was required to prepare himself by confession, fasting, and passing the night in prayer.”
  • “No period of my life has been one of such unmixed happiness as the four years which have been spent within college walls.”
  • “I gave up my room on 34th St. because I had too many young callers who were unwelcome… For this reason please don’t tell them where I am.”

Horatio Alger Quotes (6)

  • “The institution of chivalry forms one of the most remarkable features in the history of the Middle Ages.”

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