i am every woman poem

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i am every woman poem

“I Am Every Woman” is a powerful and inspiring poem that celebrates the strength and resilience of women. The poem acknowledges the struggles and challenges that women face, but also highlights the endless possibilities and potential that they possess. Here’s the poem:

I am every woman, strong and proud, I stand tall and rise above the crowd, I carry with me the weight of the world, And still, I stand, my spirit unfurled.

I am every woman, fierce and brave, I face the challenges, and I won’t cave, I fight for my rights, my voice to be heard, And I never give up, no matter the word.

I am every woman, with scars and wounds, I’ve been broken and hurt, but I’ve also bloomed, I’ve risen from ashes, and I’ve soared to new heights, And I’ll keep on climbing, no matter the fight.

I am every woman, with dreams and goals, I have fire in my heart and passion in my soul, I’ll chase my desires, and I’ll never give in, For I know that I’m capable of anything.

I am every woman, a force to be reckoned, A mother, a daughter, a friend, and a beacon, I am love and light, and I am strength and power, And I’ll keep on shining, each and every hour.

So hear me, world, as I shout out loud, I am every woman, and I am proud, I’ll keep on rising, with grace and might, For I am every woman, and I shine bright.

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