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If You are a Highly Engaged Employee You Will Most Likely

If You are a Highly Engaged Employee You Will Most Likely? Organizations have adopted one-of-a-kind methods to hold their presence in today’s developing company market. However, no matter all the advancements, worker engagement still desires to be heeded upon. This can turn out to be the Achilles’ heels of your employer if not accurately planned.

On the contrary, those who have realized how vital it is to maintain their personnel engaged have excelled. One needs to constantly remember that the key to your business success is a high-quality worker engagement program. And worker engagement without delay correlates to success, profitability, and client satisfaction.

What is If You are a Highly Engaged Employee You Will Most Likely?

Signs of Engaged Employees that Matter,

  • They are focused
  • Have Leadership Qualities
  • Good Decision-making Skills
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Adaptive
  • Supportive
  • Disciplined
  • Communicates Effectively

What happens when employees are engaged?

I would like to share one of the best quotes regarding this question,

“Techniques don’t produce quality products and services, people do. People who care, people who are treated as creatively contributing individuals.” –Tom Peters

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Some Important Facts, that you should know!

Here’re a few stats on how many employees are engaged at work –

  • Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion a year. (Forbes)
  • Companies with high employee engagement rate are 21% more profitable. (Smarp)
  • The productivity rate of engaged employees are 44% more than merely satisfied workers. (Emplify)
  • 70% of US workers are not engaged at work. (Themuse)
  • 43 % of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week. (Themuse)

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