Interconnection Of Souls And Poetry

Interconnection Of Souls And Poetry By Beryl L Edmonds!

According to the Author,

To me, poetry capability interconnection of souls. Those who examine and those who write share the mysteries, beauty, and sorrows of life.

Interconnection Of Souls And Poetry,

Inspiration comes from all kinds of things
Nature in bloom of her blossoming Spring
The wondrous feeling of a first romance
Excited yet scared of taking the chance
Red roses for love, violets of blue
Charm of pretty buttercups’ yellow hue
Ochre moon and twinkling celestial stars
Never cease to inspire creative arts
Nothing’s quite like a tranquil azure sea
Ebbing and flowing so elegantly
Creatures of earth and below ocean wide
Tweeting birds, honeybees, and butterflies
Icicles that dangle like chandelier
Ornating the trees when winter is here
Now you see what poetry means to me.

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Interconnection Of Souls And Poetry

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