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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize Self-Motivational

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Most of us by no means certainly focus. We continuously feel a type of demanding psychic chaos due to the fact we hold making an attempt to assume too many matters at once. There’s usually too an awful lot up there on the screen. There was once a fascinating motivational speak on this problem given by using former Dallas Cowboys teach Jimmy Johnson to his soccer gamers earlier than the 1993 Super Bowl:

“I instructed them that if I laid a two-by-four throughout the room, absolutely everyone there would stroll throughout it and no longer fall, due to the fact our focal point would be that we have been going to stroll that two-by-four, But if I put that equal two-by-four 10 tales high between two structures solely a few would make it, due to the fact the focal point would be on falling. Focus is everything. The group that is extra targeted nowadays is the crew that will win this game.” (Keep Your Eyes on the Prize)

Johnson instructed his group now not to be distracted through the crowd, the media, or the opportunity of losing, however to focal point on every play of the sport itself simply as if it have been a suitable exercise session. The Cowboys received the sport 52-17. There’s a factor to that story that goes way past football. Most of us have a tendency to lose our focal point in existence due to the fact we’re without end concerned about so many bad possibilities. Rather than focusing on the two-by-four, we fear all the ramifications of falling. Rather than focusing on our goals, we are distracted by our concerns and fears. But when you center of attention on what you want, it will come into your life. When you center of attention on being a comfortable and encouraged person, that is who you will be. (Source: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself)

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