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Lionel Willis Poem

Lionel Willis Poem That You Must Check

Lionel Willis Poem That You Must Check!

Who is Lionel Willis?

Lionel Willis was born in Toronto in 1932 and served as Professor of English Literature at Ryerson University in Toronto from 1958 to 1992. His publications including The Dreamstone and Other Rhymes (The Plowman 2002), Heartscape, a Book of Bucolic Verse (Eidolon 2019). He currently lives in Toronto.

Slow Verse Lionel Willis Poem

No need to rush: These lines have lots of time.
They never face a hanging at first light.
They can take pains to whittle a neat rhyme
And years to get each subtle cadence right,
But they can never take the hero’s part,
They can’t shout in the streets what must be said,
Convey the words to mend a breaking heart,
Brandish the silent challenge of the dead,
For those demand another sort of pen,
One improvised to staunch a gush of blood,
A hasty scrawl that won’t be scanned again,
A jagged shriek of warning in a flood:
The page that speaks for all the quickly crushed
Reads like a wind, but this one won’t be rushed.

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Mother with Child Lionel Willis Poem

The perfect image of our Paragon!
How many times I’ve seen that woman there,
The icon of tough love and tender care,
Standing into the glory of her son!
What do they model forth but artists’ own
Compelling dreams? All human genomes share
The same necessity’s pruning. The pair
Survive because they point to everyone.
Survival shapes perfection, I suppose.
Those forms have lasted twenty centuries
Because they share the beauty all men crave:
The bloom of health and hope that richly grows
Out of the Earth’s dark mould of miseries
Around this garden that was once a grave.

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