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Living The Journey Motivational Poem By Annanya

Living The Journey Motivational Poem By Annanya

Here is the “Living The Journey” Motivational Poem By Annanya as follows! This poem is about life, as to what one should remind oneself of each day. Life is about living this journey on earth. This journey of life might end any day. One ought to choose to live life.

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Living The Journey Motivational Poem By Ananya

We are on this planet for a limited span of time;
The validity of our life’s visa can end at anytime.

Begin your day with enthusiasm and end with satisfaction;
Work toward achieving your goals and do follow your passion.

Waste not your energy on negativity;
Find your opportunity to be better when faced with difficulty.

Celebrate your honest efforts like you will when you attain success.
Failures shall be there; learn and keep going, nevertheless.

Avail the most of this very present;
Never shall return the passing moment.

The future is surrounded by clouds of uncertainty;
Let hope and faith be your guide till eternity.


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