Lost In Rea Ven Poem

Lost In Rea Ven Poem By Robert Frost,

The clouds, the source of rain, one stormy night,
Offered an openIng to the source of dew,
Which I accepted wIth IlllpatIent sIght,
LookIng for myoId skymarks In the blue.
But stars were scarce ill that part of the sky,
And no two were of the same constellationNo one was brIght enough to IdentIfy,
So ~twas Wlth not ungrateful consternation,
Seeing myself well lost once more, I sighed,
‘Where, where in Heaven am I? But don’t tell mel
Oh, opening clouds, by opening on me wide.
Let’s let my heavenly lostness overwhelm me,’

Lost In Rea Ven Poem

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