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Misgiving Poem By Robert Frost

Misgiving Poem By Robert Frost!

All cr)’lng, ‘We wIll go WIth you, 0 Wmdf’
The foliage follow hIm, leaf and stem,
But asleep oppresses them as they go,
And they end Ly bIdding him stay wIth them.
Since ever they Hung abroad ill sprIng
The leaves had promIsed themselves this Hight,
Who now would fain seek sheltering wall,
Or thicket, or hollow place for the night.
And now they answer his summonIng blast
With an ever vaguer and vaguer stir,
Or at utmost a little reluctant whirl
That drops them no further than where they were.
I only hope that when I am free
As they are free to go in quest
Of the knowledge beyond the bounds of life
It may not seem better to me to rest.

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