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Modulation Poem by Robert Clinton

Modulation Poem by Robert Clinton

When I am dead with you, fastened up, enameled,
dried on a hot stone and dropped in a well
to float with the other dead, not knowing them,
not knowing any name or step or skin,
when I am part of Law with you,
and have the terror of restless movement
worn away, so that I conform
in every particle to the rule of light,
when I am dead with you and stand
in bodiless perplexity inside the whim,
of unimagined principle and cause, and feel,
the fault that still I am myself,
still reasonable and cruel (and you
will be a heat of spinnings then), when we
are dead and witless to our dreams, collapsed
to less than ash, more thinly spread than space,
what will be the carrier, what atoms then
will boil, collect, and reappear unchanged,
remembering me in unfamiliar eyes,
and calling you in my forgotten voice?

Robert Clinton
from Taking Eden

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