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Mommy Will Sing A Lullaby

Mommy Will Sing A Lullaby

Mommy Will Sing A Lullaby By Wendy Evans!

According to the Author,

I was once inspired to write this poem for my daughter who is a single guardian to a stunning little boy, my grandson, Oliver, who is four years old. Every night time she takes him up to mattress and sings lullabies to him whilst protecting his little hand. It is exceptionally transferring to watch. These are treasured moments and ought to be treasured.

Mommy Will Sing A Lullaby

All tucked up and snug in bed
as angels stand guard above your head,
Mommy will kiss away your fears.
She’ll stroke your hair and dry your tears.

She softly sings a lullaby
about the stars up in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle star so bright,
shining down on us tonight.

Her breath is warm upon your face
as you lie still in her embrace.
With sleepy eyes you gaze at mom
as the moon comes up to replace the sun.

Tomorrow will be another day
where you’ll have fun, laugh, and play.
But sleep for now, and Mommy will sing a song for you
and you will smile the whole way through.

She gently holds your hand in hers, your fingers wrapped around her thumb.
These are treasured moments as she waits for sleep to come.
Her voice is but a whisper now; her tone is soft and true,
for there is nowhere in the world she’d rather be than lying here with you.

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