My Annoying Older Sister

My Annoying Older Sister By Thanjena Begum!

You are lucky to have your sister. Mine left me 3 years ago. I hope you will be able to enjoy the moments with your sister.

My Annoying Older Sister

A jelly I ate,
The one my sister made.
Made me want to faint.
She keeps stealing my paint
And waking me up late.
Bossing me around
Is what I can’t take.
I want to slap her,
For goodness sake.
Spending my money
Is not great.
Can’t she stop
For just one day?
Is what I want to say,
But if I do
She’ll smack me
Straight away.
I wish I could call her a…
Something that shall not be named,
But we’re still sisters,
Even today,
Because of our

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My Annoying Older Sister

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