My Beautiful Children

Here is the “My Beautiful Children Poem”

My Beautiful Children:

I have two beautiful children
Was it excellent? A daughter and a son
The chubby twelve yrs old is Pim
The younger 9 is a bit slim, Pete is the other one

Pim is a lovely funny girl
Her hair is a bit curly curl, she said like her mom
She loves to go to school
And she is very cool, telling me she wants to drum

She has a lot of good friends
Like a choo choo train, her friends at school
B, Manao, Fon, Puen, Tob, Deer and Dae
It’s enough for today, they all are wonderful

Pim is a big fan of MTV
I always see she listens to the song
When she’s home, she turns Television on
MTV of course, cos she loves to sing along

She likes to do some art works
Painting, drawing the bird, folding some origami
Making me lots of beautiful card
Coming straight from her heart, they’re very pretty

Oh dear, saying a lot about Pim
Pete loves to swim and he likes to play
He stays with Ed his father
He has a little brother from his stepmother A

Japanese super heroes he likes
The ones with the light, he loves the most
V 8 I chose for his birthday present
When he turned to 7, n I also gave him some clothes

Pete is a very sweet boy
He keeps his toys very nice on the shelf
He does not look like his sister
But looks like his mother, he’s charming by himself

I love very much my two kids,
I try to be strict for their good manners,
I hope to see both of them grow,
Hoping time pass a bit slow, they can make me pleasure

-by Rae Christensen

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My Beautiful Children

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