My Sister Is Loving Poem

My Sister Is Loving Poem By Hannon W!

According to the author, I wrote this poem the fact it reminds me of how I constantly fight with my sister. This is an acrostic poem (if you seem at the first letter of each line it makes a word/phrase/sentence.)

My Sister Is Loving Poem

Moaning all day long
Yapping at every bad thing I do

Super crazy hair in the morning
I get so angry I could sue
So I pull at her crazy hair
Tickle her till she wees
End the fighting horrors
Remember how much she means

In the end we both make up
Say sorry about what we did

Learn about loving each other
Overwriting bad things we hid
Vowing never to fight
Identifying what we’ve said
Not living up to that promise
Giving a tear when one of us falls dead

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My Sister Is Loving Poem

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