My Test Market Poem

My Test Market Poem By Rachel Loden

Let’s fly off to Finland, far
from the long arm of Olestra. There
in bog, arctic fen, and sand
are others who may understand
our epic innocence. Oh, how many
names for snow! and none
with growing market share. Where
are the snows that make no sense
so early in the morning, when the snow
is blue and blowing on the steppes?
Where is the qanisqineq,
the “snow floating on water”?
We may ask Vigdís Finnbogadóttir,
who’s not a Finn. She may not know,
but she may point us toward
the northern lights. Her aim is true,
her snowshoes always full of snow.
We won’t come back. You come too.

My Test Market Poem

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